YIKES! Which Campaign Is Accusing Rival Of Threatening Delegates?…Calling Them “Union Thugs”

The barbs between Cruz and Trump continue to be thrown.

Recently Ted Cruz went to airwaves, accusing the GOP front-runner of being bully, claiming he’s using dirty trick and inciting violence among his supporters.

This while Trump continues to assert the nomination system is broken and rigged.

RealClearPolitics has more…

Using some of the harshest rhetoric of the campaign to date, Cruz said his billionaire rival is a bad businessman who has been surrounded by sycophants his entire career.

“Donald’s whole pitch is he’s a great businessman,” Cruz said in the wide-ranging interview on the Glenn Beck radio show, adding that given how he runs his campaign, “it appears he can’t run a lemonade stand.”

Cruz has been gaining momentum behind the scenes, as his campaign is working overtime to secure delegates.  It looks like Trump’s people are being out-manuvered in many states, revealing a lack of organization on their part.

Trump had this to say about the current nomination system:

“Our Republican system is absolutely rigged. It’s a phony deal,” said Trump at a rally in a packed airport hangar in Rome, New York, on Tuesday evening. “These are dirty tricksters.  They should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen.”

That kind of approach might work in the business world, where his strong words and stance can mean deals, but it won’t go far in changing the age-old Republican process.

Ted Cruz fired back, calling Trump and his approach “the tactic of union thugs.”

“Donald needs to understand he’s not Michael Corleone,” Cruz said. “Donald needs to stop threatening the voters. He needs to stop threatening the delegates. He is not a mobster.”

Ugly words by two men desparate to become the leader of the Free World.  Sometimes it seems like the candidates forget that what they say will be heard by actual people.  As our country continues to suffer economically, politically, and socially, our leaders bicker like children.

How should the American people respond to this kind of talk?

Source: (Real Clear Politics)

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