Tim Kaine’s HUMILIATION Deepens…From Empty Rallies To THIS – OUCH!

Even Trump’s most vocal critics can’t deny it: His campaign stops attract exponentially larger crowds than Hillary Clinton’s.

While no one expects the Vice Presidential pick on either ticket to be as popular, Democrat Tim Kaine’s turnouts have been particularly puny so far. Again and again, embarrassing photos of these events show only a few dozen supporters (and who knows how many of those were paid or otherwise press ganged into showing up by their unions or some similar organization.)

Now it’s gotten so bad that Kaine’s camp has resorted to a radical option:

Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine announced Wednesday the sudden cancellation of a campaign rally that had originally been scheduled to occur Friday in Sarasota, Florida.

Judging by the pitiful performance of his prior rallies, however, the reason seemed obvious — he already knew that barely anybody would show up, just like barely anybody had shown up for an event he held in West Palm Beach at the start of the week.

In fact, only an estimated 30 people attended that event, and a large number of those folks were reporters and Democrat operatives.

Even accounting for Kaine’s disastrous performance during the VP debates, there is an undeniable “enthusiasm gap” between the Republicans and Democrats overall this year.

Whether or not these turnouts are an accurate predictor of the election results won’t be known until the morning after the big day. In terms of vice presidential candidates, remember: Sarah Palin’s popularity couldn’t drag John McCain over the finish line when it mattered.

Trump supporters can’t take anything for granted. No matter how many thousands of folks line up for hours to see him in person, individual voters can’t be complacent. They still need to show up when it really matters: On election day.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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