Top Hillary Search Terms RELEASED…PROVES 1 Thing Is DESTROYING Her Campaign!

You can learn a lot about folk from their Google searches. Just looking at trending topics from any given week will tell you what people were thinking and what they were eager to learn more about.

During this election year, people have been using tools like Google to learn more about the candidates.

This is especially true regarding Hillary, one of the most divisive, controversial, and vexing characters in recent history.

Despite all that, you’d think most people were Googling her career history, her time as secretary of state, or her work as a New York senator.

Nope, they’re just curious about her health.

From Info Wars:

The top Hillary Clinton Google searches include the terms “seizure,” “dead,” and “age,” according to Google’s autocomplete function.

In other words, people searching for Hillary Clinton are most interested by her recent seizure at the 9/11 memorial and if she’s even still alive.

Additionally, Hillary’s age is also a frequently used search term, which also ties into concerns over her health.

It doesn’t bode well for Hillary when the majority of voters are more interested in her poor health than her campaign platform.

Say all the rhetoric you want, create as many mud-slinging ads as you can, people will still focus on what they see. And last Sunday, they saw the democrat candidate for president collapsing outside her van.

The shocking spectacle clearly belied what she’s been saying about her health. Her campaign might try to spin it one way or another, but it was enough to make the average person dig a little deeper.

The Google results show people want to learn more about her health. They want to know if they will vote for a sick person.

Hillary can dodge the issue as much as she wants, people will continue to dig to find out.

Source: Info Wars

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