Tree Company Hires Thousands Of Illegals—Trump’s ICE Has $95 Million Surprise For Them

When a national tree trimming company was caught breaking the law to hire illegals, the federal government had a historic surprise for them. They learned that you can’t get away with violating our immigration policies and get away with it—under President Trump.

Since the election, President Trump has spoken about the harm illegal immigration causes to our country. Aside from the rapists, drug runners, and other criminals that sneak across the border, there are other major problems caused by aliens. They deprive American workers of jobs, being willing to receive low pay, paid under the table.

This is one of the main reasons illegal immigration has been so hard to stop. When there are companies benefiting from low-paid labor, they have little reason to support immigration enforcement.

But now at least one major company is facing the music. After years of knowingly hiring illegals, openly breaking the law, they are getting their just desserts.

Doesn’t taste very good Asplundh, does it?

From Daily Caller:

A national tree services company will have to pay a record fine after admitting that it engaged in a scheme to hire illegal aliens, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

Asplundh Tree Expert Co., a suburban Philadelphia-based contractor that trims and removes trees around power lines, pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal criminal charge and was ordered to pay a total of $95 million, the biggest penalty ever levied in an immigration case…

Asplundh hired thousands of unauthorized workers between 2010 and 2014, using knowingly fraudulent identification documents, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia. Prosecutors said the company’s upper management was “willfully blind,” while mid-level regional supervisors knowingly violated immigration law and hired illegal aliens…

Three Asplundh managers, including a vice president, had previous pleaded guilty to felony charges in the case, the AP reported.

This was more than just a few illegals slipping through the cracks. According to reports, the managers intentionally worked to hire illegals. They provided forged documents, circumvented proper interview processes, and spread the word throughout alien communities.

Now, liberals will consider this company some kind of champion of immigrant rights. Because liberals have wander way off the reservation. But the facts are the facts: this company willingly broke the law. They refused to provide jobs to American citizens, just to save money in payroll.

The $95 million fine seems hefty, but how much did they save over those four years hiring illegals over citizens? Probably much more, when factoring livable wages, insurance, and health benefits. While this stings, believe it or not, Asplundh might be getting off too easy.

How many more companies are out there, flaunting our laws? I’m sure most of you know about local companies that employ plenty of “undocumented” workers. Until the government reins in this practice, illegal immigration will always have secret advocates in the private section.

Source: Daily Caller

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