Trey Gowdy Reveals How To Take Crooked Hillary DOWN…Now Liberals Are PANICKING!

Hillary Clinton, don’t let that breath out just yet.

According to one leading congressman on Capitol Hill, the days of investigating Clinton’s email server scandals may not be at an end.

During a Fox News interview, Rep. Trey Gowdy hinted more could come.

“Gowdy told host Bill Hemmer that if American voters ‘vigorously disagree’ with the decision not to prosecute Clinton or any members of her State Department staff, they can simply vote in a new Justice Department in November,” Proud Conservative reported.

Good point. Vote in Donald Trump, and come January, the whole cabinet currently in place under President Obama changes.

“Out of all of this,” Gowdy said, “five immunity agreements and a really unusual investigation about national security matters with hundreds of classified emails, not one single person is going to face a legal consequence.”

And as Hemmer said, the case seems finished.

But Gowdy shot back, the Proud Conservative reported: “There are multiple groups in our culture that provide oversight. There is the executive branch, there’s Congress, there’s you in the media. But on November 8, the real jury gets to weigh in.”

And, he reminded, voters could have the final say on what they really think about the failure of the Justice Department to prosecute Clinton.

As Gowdy said, the blog noted: “If they think this Department of Justice has been politicized, they are welcome to replace it with another Department of Justice.”

Source: Proud Conservative

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