Trey Gowdy Reveals Terrible Vegas Truth The Media Is Ignoring: “It’s An Incredible Amount Of…”

In the aftermath of the shocking mass shooting in Las Vegas, many people are demanding answers. So far, despite the passage of two days, law enforcement refuse to offer details.

All we’ve been told is that this was the act of a lone shooter. This Stephen Paddock, a man with zero experience in weapons or military training, was able to smuggle ten guns into a hotel room, assemble them, and kill or harm hundreds of people.

The details don’t add up. And some important people are starting to demand answers.

From Breitbart:

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) offered his thoughts on the investigation of the Las Vegas mass shooting a night earlier that left at least 59 dead and 527 injured.

Gowdy told host Martha MacCallum he was skeptical that Stephen Paddock, the individual thought to be responsible for the shooting, could have acted without at least one person identifying his behavior as suspicious. The South Carolina Republican predicted in coming days he will be proved correct.

“It’s an incredible level of premeditation that you don’t ordinarily see,” Gowdy said. “And it is difficult to believe that a single person could have done this without detection. And so, I hope that what comes out of this is people – you know, lots of crime is prevented because a non-law enforcement officer says something. The weapons and whether or not it was altered to become fully automatic and the premeditation of picking a certain hotel room. I think we’re going to find someone along the way was suspicious they should have turned that suspicion into a phone call to law enforcement. It’s an incredible amount of premeditation to not go detected.”

Gowdy is echoing a sentiment that many people share. How could this man come out of nowhere and wreak so much destruction?

How as he able to upgrade a semi-automatic weapon to become an automatic? That’s not something someone with zero experience with guns knows how to do. How did he show such sniper-like skills, shooting into a crowd at night from such a distance, to harm so many?

Considering the man was killed before law enforcement could capture him raises even more questions. Was he alone in that room? Did he have any help?

These are questions we must have answers to. The victims and family who lost loved ones deserve to know what happened.

Worst of all–what if he wasn’t acting alone? Could more trouble be on the way? We all deserve to know.

Source: Breitbart

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