Truck Driver Trapped In Deadly Floodwaters. Reporter Spots Him—What She Does Next Is Going Viral

As Texas is slammed by Hurricane Harvey, miraculous stories of heroism and goodwill towards neighbors have vastly outweighed stories of crime or selfishness.

Here is one of those miraculous stories.

Deep floodwaters in Houston have been the main killer for many who misjudge the depth of water as they drive.

For one 18-wheeler, he severely misjudges and becomes trapped as the water rises quickly around him.

Imagine as this truck driver experienced being caught in 10 feet of water as his cab started to fill with water.  It must have been a nightmare with no place to go.

That’s when the miracle happened. A news crew saw the truck and noticed what other rescue crews had missed—a driver in grave danger.

What happened next will have you clapping for this news reporter.  She continues to report, but can barely contain her emotions.

From KHOU 11 News:

Many have been criticizing Houstonians for staying in the city. As a Houstonian myself, I hope you have heard the danger of flooding the roads with millions of cars in evacuation right before the floodwaters hit.

But even more I am thankful for the many men and women who stayed, not so concerned for their own safety, but instead ready to serve and save those in this community who needed help.

Stories keep flooding in of regular citizens as well as police, nurses, doctors, EMTs, news crews, and the entire Texas National Guard rushing into danger to save people trapped in cars or on their roofs.

While the devastation is horrible to watch, the love and unity of Houston’s people reveals something deep in the American spirit that all Americans needed to be reminded of after many days of division.

We are all Americans, and no matter our color, gender, age or religion, we will help each other when the going gets tough instead of “every man for himself.”

Source: KHOU

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