Trump Accountant Drops BOMBSHELL…No One Expected THIS!

Mainstream media’s been busy painting Donald Trump as a circus act – a maniac who can’t control his emotions and rhetoric, and who simply doesn’t have the right temperament to be president.

And Hillary Clinton, as well as other key Democrats – and sadly, even some in the Republican camp, on the more establishment side of the party – have helped create and advance this message.

And nowhere else has the left, and the Trump haters on the right, found cause to advance their characterization of the billionaire businessman as a fool and clown than in the area that he is supposed to be seen as the strongest – in business. That’s where they’ve been focusing their most vicious hits of late, pointing to Trump’s business losses and revenue hits as proof positive of his tom-foolery, and going so far as to accuse him of purposely using these losses to offset amounts he might owe the federal government in the way of taxes in the future.

Well, now there’s this, from Jack Mitnick, an accocuntant who oversaw Trump’s tax filings and documents until 1996.

“Mitnick,” the Conservative Tribune reported, “claimed that Trump’s manipulating the tax code at that point in time wouldn’t have even been possible.”

In an interview with NBC News earlier this week, Mitnick dropped the bombshell fact-check.

“As far as I know, and that only goes through late ’96, [Trump] didn’t (have the expertise to manipulate the tax code),” Mitnick said, the Conservative Tribune reported.

In fact: That’s why he hired Mitnick in the first place – to have someone with tax expertise, Mitnick said. And the returns now at-issue on Trump’s campaign trail were actually “entirely created by us,” he said, during the NBC News interview.

So what does that all mean?

From Conservative Tribune: “[T]he entire liberal narrative alleging that Trump personally manipulated the US tax code in an effort to circumvent the spirit of the law is patently false. Instead Trump had a professional accountant do what professional accountants do — prepare his taxes and maximize his deductions. And that’s what every screeching liberal does annually around April 15.”

What a blow to the liberal talking heads.

“Trump had virtually zero involvement with the tax process,” Conservative Tribune said.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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