WOW: Trump Just Did Something AMAZING…But Obama’s Response STUNS America!

Remember Obama’s comments the day after the election about us all being on the same team? We do—but apparently he forgot.

One thing about the Obama administration’s lackeys is they can always be counted on to misrepresent his failures as successes and praise him like a high school cheer leading squad after he lead their team to a touchdown in a game where they are getting trounced by 42 points.

We have to give his Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, an E for effort but that’s about all. Everything else has been a total disaster in the Obama team’s quest for relevance and as for his “legacy,” if there is any justice, it will not end with his face on Mt. Rushmore!

I mean, my gosh, why do you give a Nobel Peace Prize to someone who’s only real accomplishment has been to con a bunch of leftist idiots into electing him president, twice, based entirely upon the color of his skin just so those same leftist idiots could brag about how progressive and open minded they are?

Right Wing News gives us some insight into what the Obama administration lackeys think about Trump’s early successes in saving American jobs:

Donald Trump has already rolled up his sleeves and gotten to work on recovering our economy. He recently made a deal with with the Carrier Corp. and managed to ensure the survival of nearly one thousand jobs. The White House was asked to comment on the accomplishment. They were not impressed to say the least.

On Wednesday during the weekly press briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked to comment on the announcement.

Earnest replied, “The early indications are that this is good news, and obviously we’d welcome that good news,” Earnest replied. “I know that the president-elect has indicated that he deserves credit for that announcement.”He then downplayed Trump’s achievement.

“I guess what I would observe is that if he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the United States while President Obama was in office,” Earnest said. “There were 805,000 manufacturing jobs that weren’t just protected or saved, but actually created while President Obama was in office. So President Obama has set a high standard.”

He continued, “As we go to protecting jobs, there are more than a million jobs in the industrial Midwest that were saved when President Obama made the decision to rescue the American auto industry.”

Three questions. What manufacturing jobs did Obozo create, what magic did he use to create them and just how did he “rescue” the auto industry?

Everything Obama’s done has only hamstrung American companies with more regulation and higher taxes. If anything, businesses have grown and jobs were created in spite of Obama’s bumbling ineptitude.

As a Socialist, Obama isn’t about to actually help companies make a profit but that is the only way jobs are created!

Trump’s approach will be entirely pro-business!

Source: Right Wing News

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