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BOOM! Trump Announces June Fundraising Total…STUNS Political World!
By PJ Editor|July 6, 2016

After anemic fundraising numbers in May, many Republicans including those that have been supportive of Trump were reaching for the ant-acids!

Trump’s response was clear and simple…”I haven’t even gotten started yet!”

A couple of days later he sent out his first fundraising email and netted $11 million in just three days!

Now we learn that the Trump fundraising train just kept right on chugging down the tracks for the rest of the month.

The Washington Post picks up the story…

Donald Trump raised more than $26 million through online and mail solicitations and another $25 million at events with the Republican National Committee in June, his campaign announced Wednesday, a hefty haul that his allies hope will put to rest anxieties in the party about his fundraising prowess.

The combined $51 million falls short of the $68.5 million that presumptive Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party collected in June, which included $40.5 million she raised directly for her campaign. But it was the biggest monthly take by far for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, who did not begin to hold fundraising events until late May. And it suggests that Trump has the ability to quickly inject large sums of money into his campaign coffers by tapping into the fervor of his supporters.

This is exactly the news that Trump needed ahead of the Republican National Convention coming up in just a couple of weeks. It will go a long way towards taking any wind out of the sails of the stop Trump delegates and proves that he can go toe-to-toe with Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Source: Washington Post

PJ Editor
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