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YUGE! Donald Trump Announces MASSIVE Changes To Campaign…Surprise Shift
By PJ Editor|April 21, 2016

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has broken the mold on how you run for office. Few would doubt that.

However, now we are getting indications from Trump and his newly minted team of Republican insiders that big changes are coming to the mogul’s campaign.

The Donald himself spoke about it to The Wall Street Journal…

“The campaign is evolving and transitioning, and so am I,” he said. “I’ll be more effective and more disciplined.” He’s changing, he said, because “I’m not going to blow it.” 

The Journal reports…

He and his newly recast team also are pledging to do more outreach to Washington Republican leaders, who have often been hostile and the target of Trump attacks, and to spend significant amounts of money to run a more conventional campaign.

Trump will also begin to employ speech writers and using a teleprompter.

The challenge for Trump will be to maintain the authenticity that has attracted millions of voters while also implementing changes that will minimize the unforced errors.

He must convince undecided voters and skeptical Republicans that he is capable of being presidential and responsibly representing our country on the world stage. His team hopes that this “professionalization” of the campaign will accomplish just that.

Source: Wall Street Journal

PJ Editor
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