Breaking: Trump Makes Biggest Announcement Of His Presidency…Americans Are CHEERING!

Donald J. Trump has already delivered one of the most explosive, productive weeks of any President.

He has already followed through on over a dozen campaign promises, and while the media shrieks, even Trump’s opponents can’t help but respect his efficiency to follow through.  And of course the many millions who voted for Trump are on cloud nine right now.

But all the moves Donald has made so far, from his directives on the wall, his rollback on regulations to help businesses, and his immediate work to dismantle Obamacare, one issue loomed even greater over the new President.

Who would he nominate as the next Supreme Court justice? Every commentator will admit that, no matter how much change Trump is able to affect in these first months and years, Trump’s choice to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s post on the Supreme Court will have the most long-lasting impact on America.

The election of 2016 hinged on many issues, but biggest of all was the constant reminder of Scalia’s death and his pending replacement which the Senate Republicans stalwartly kept out of the hands of Obama during his final months.  The future of Planned Parenthood, transgender bathrooms, Roe v. Wade, and many other issues key to American freedoms were on the line.

And Trump delivered a long, impressive list of possible nominees. And now the time has come to find out who he has chosen to serve on the powerful court. UPDATE: Trump has made his choice!

From the DailyMail:

President Donald Trump has chosen a replacement for the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia…

‘I have made my decision on who I will nominate for The United States Supreme Court. It will be announced live on Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. (W.H.),’ the president wrote on Twitter.

Trump originally said the announcement would come on Thursday. Word of a possible earlier announcement first came as the White House dealt with fallout from Trump’s partial travel ban on Middle Eastern refugees.

CBS shares some speculation on the possible options for Trump’s choice:

Any of the speculated choices, at this point, seem to be a vast improvement over anything Obama or Hillary Clinton could have chosen, and even conservatives are fairly confident that Trump will make a fantastic pick based on his actions during the first week of his presidency. And he’s not going to let the Democrats block his choice, he’s made that very clear.

UPDATE: Trump’s top two finalists are on their way to Washington, D.C., ratcheting up the anticipation even further on who will be named his nominee. From CNN:

The two judges who have been considered the top finalists to be President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court — Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman — are being brought to Washington ahead of tonight’s White House announcement, sources tell CNN.

The move comes as there were increasing indications that Gorsuch will be Trump’s choice, sources briefed on the White House deliberations tell CNN.

Gorsuch is in Washington, according to one source close to the process. Hardiman was seen by a CNN producer leaving his Pittsburgh neighborhood Tuesday morning and driving east towards Washington.

In fact, all of his choices so far are a significant improvement over Chief Justice John Roberts, an appointee of George W. Bush, who has clearly buckled to political pressure from Obama in making 5-4 decisions to uphold the deeply flawed and dangerous Obamacare.  It looks like Trump’s pick will me more of a strict constructionist when reading and interpreting the Constitution, much like Scalia.

Who do you think Trump is going to pick? Are you confident he will go the conservative route rather than venturing into the messy middle and appeasing no one? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: DailyMail, CNN

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