BOOM: Trump Bikers ROAR Into Washington…They Have TWO Explosive Messages For D.C.!

One of the most vocal and surprising groups to support Donald Trump during the election were Bikers for Trump. This group of unapologetic rebels and patriots were on the front lines of Trump rallies, discouraging backlash from liberals and paid protestors who often tried to stir up trouble.

Bikers for Trump showed that people from all walks of life, especially those who are often written off or ignored, were rallying behind this outsider. They expressed their deep love of this country and their reckless free spirits, by backing a man that would take back our government and restore strength to the American people.

Now that Donald Trump is our next President, you know that these righteous bikers were on hand Inauguration Day, to support their undying support for Trump and to ensure the event goes smoothly.

From NBC News:

Bikers for Trump roared through the D.C. area Thursday with a message they want to share with America this inauguration weekend.

The bikers gathered in Woodbridge, Virginia, Thursday morning and rolled north on Interstate 95, crossing the Key Bridge into Georgetown on their motorcycles.

They also stopped at Arlington National Cemetery to honor the men and women some of them served with in the military, people who made the ultimate sacrifice in service for their country.

The bikers weren’t just there to celebrate Trump’s Inauguration. They made it clear that anyone who wanted to mess with this momentous occasion would have to think twice.

From WUSA:

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) – Trump supporting motorcyclists say they are streaming into Washington to “protect” the public and first responders from anti-Trump protestors.

“Bikers for Trump is here to protect the citizens,” said rider Mark Connors, a country singer who rode his Harley Davidson from San Diego, CA.

Connors said Bikers for Trump riders will not seek confrontations but he is “absolutely” prepared for physical conflicts.

I don’t care who you are or what you believe about Donald Trump, you’re not going to cause trouble when Bikers for Trump are on hand. They mean business and aren’t afraid of a little tussle.

Plus they’re generally one hundred pounds heavier than the typical vegan, liberal SJW.

But rest assured, the Bikers for Trump had no intentions of causing trouble themselves, they are naturally peaceful.

Bikers For Trump has a track record of peaceful protest. The group attracted many members to Trump rallies and the Republican National Convention without significant incidents with protestors.

It’s great to know that we have tough men and women on our side, but who respect peace and civility.

Liberals could learn a thing or two from them.

Source: NBC/WUSA

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