WOW! Trump Just BLINDSIDED The United Nations…Obama, Democrats Are FURIOUS!

For years Americans have  wondered why the United Nations, a body devoted to world peace, allows so many atrocities.

This is especially true of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which refuses to condemn the violations of their own members.

Perhaps we are finally reaching a breaking point with this body.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador, has made it clear that strong action from the United States might be happening soon.

From Daily Wire:

On Friday, The Washington Post published an op-ed by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in which she condemned the way in which the Human Rights Council (HRC) operates.

Haley wrote that Venezuela and Cuba having seats on the Human Rights Council is an affront to the international body, as both nations are rampant abusers of human rights…

Haley also pointed out that “no special meeting of the Human Rights Council was called” when Russia invaded Crimea, “and the abuses continue to mount…”

On Monday, Reuters reported that the Trump administration will likely make it known on Tuesday whether the United States plans to remain part of the Human Rights Council.

The outlet added that during George W. Bush’s presidency, the U.S. “boycotted the body for three years” before rejoining under President Obama…

Targeting Israel is practically sport for the UNHRC. As The Times of Israel reports: “Agenda Item Seven,” which is the singular “state-specific” agenda item, “is a permanent fixture requiring the council to discuss three times each year any alleged abuses of human rights committed by Israel against Palestinians.”

Oh, but no consideration for how Palestinians regularly commit acts of terror against Israel? Palestine celebrates terrorists. They raise their kids to one day fight and kill Israelis. Israel, in turn, is just trying to keep their people safe.

Yet Israel is treated as the enemy, not Palestine.

This is the kind of backwards thinking that is rife within the UNHRC. They continue to push an agenda that violates the only true democracy within the Middle East.

This is part and parcel to the kind of corruption that exists within the U.N. as a whole. They’ve allowed toxic politics to prevent real justice from being made. Nations and people suffer while the U.N. does nothing.

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Could the U.S. withdrawing from the UNHRC signal a larger exodus? Perhaps our departure will force reform. Or perhaps it will compel the U.S. from leaving the U.N. completely.

One thing’s for sure, unless U.N. officials change the way they do business, things won’t work out for them in the long run.

Source: Daily Wire

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