Look What Donald Just Broke Ground On—Millions Of Mexicans Racing For The Border

Since the start of his administration, Donald Trump has faced no end of opposition. The media, partnering with their cronies in D.C. have tried to slander and bash everything he’s said or done.

They think that with enough noise and deception, they can invalidate the will of the people.

Sorry, fake news, Trump is still winning. And a long-promised goal is underway.

From Breitbart:

The construction of President Donald Trump’s promised prototype border wall began on Tuesday. Six companies that won the competitive bidding process will begin testing various types of walls.

The companies will begin building eight test sections of wall on Tuesday, Fox News Insider reported.

“Today is the day the dirt actually moves,” Fox’s Adam Housley reported from the area. He said it will take about a week or two before anything significant is constructed.

Just a few weeks ago, the finalists were announced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Breitbart News’ Michelle Moons reported in August…

“The concrete border wall prototypes will allow CBP to evaluate the potential for new wall and barrier designs that could complement the wall and barrier designs we have used along the border over the last several years,” CBP officials stated. “As the border security environment continues to evolve, CBP will continually refresh its own inventory of tools to meet that evolution.”

The prototypes will be built in the San Diego Sector in southern California.

Well, what do ya know? The wall is getting made! So much for liberal bullying and complaining!

Despite what democrats are saying, the wall is getting build. This is the early stages, where prototypes are being constructed and tested. Sooner than we think, the real wall will sprout up across the border.

The left can whine and moan about this necessary security measure, but it’s happening. Everyone, even immigrants, will benefit from this step. It will prevent drug smugglers, aliens, and violent criminals from entering our country. It will encourage immigrants to follow our laws, if they want to come here.

Soon we will get our first looks at these prototypes. After that, the very best will be used to secure our border, one and for all.

Source: Breitbart

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