Trump Just Annihilated Hillary With One BRUTAL Tweet..Says It All In 3 Words!

Most of us know by now that Clinton’s email scandal isn’t going away.

We know that it’s just one of many suspicious things Hillary has done over the course of her career in politics. It’s also a sign of how she sees herself above the law.

Unlike us commoners, she doesn’t have to play by the rules, even if those rules are there to protect our national interests.

More news is coming out over the egregious nature of her violations per Conservative Tribune

The State Department’s Inspector General released a report Wednesday that revealed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her team deliberately avoided and ignored departmental rules based on federal law in regard to her private email server setup.

The watchdog report, which Hillary and her team refused to cooperate with, detailed how Hillary’s setup placed national security secrets at risk, also noting that she did not ask permission to use a private server, nor would she have received permission had she actually asked first.

That kind of behavior is unacceptable.

It is especially damning considering this person was once a first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. She knows the rules. More so, she understands the dangers of violating those rules. But does she care?

Hell no! Her interests are more important than the safety of the American people.

And there are idiots out there who want to make this criminal President?

Trump wasted no time in commenting on this developing. Via Twitter he said:

“The Inspector General’s report on Crooked Hillary Clinton is a disaster. Such bad judgement and temperament cannot be allowed in the (White House).”

Very true. How could anyone think that Hillary should be President, when she refuses to comply with basic standards and procedures? What might happen if she is responsible for the entire country?

We just can’t take that risk.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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