The Trump Bump…THIS Is Why He Is WINNING! – BOOM

Scholars, not to mention average folks, are already talking about 2016 the way we already do epochal years like 1968.

The Brexit vote is just one example of the sweeping changes happening everywhere, leaving the elite “experts” angry and confused by the rise of populism.

The other example of this phenomenon is, of course, the popularity of Donald Trump.

For whatever reason, Trump seemed to have read the mood of the times correctly. Millions of Americans clearly agree.

In a thoughtful analysis at Breitbart, Matthew Boyle reviews the saga so far, and looks ahead to Trump’s chances in November should current trends continue:

So yes, Obama can claim he is a populist — sure, he campaigned on populist themes of hope, change and possibility back in 2008 — but his record reflects one of a globalist. What’s particularly damning for a president who cares about a fragile legacy is that he is now forced to campaign alongside one of the world’s proudest globalist elite, Hillary Clinton, to protect the legacy. All while Donald Trump, for the first time in years, has Obama rattled — and may just shatter that dream the president has of a positive legacy in history. (…)

Clinton’s tasks are to keep Trump from launching and keep control of the political narrative. By trotting out Elizabeth Warren, the faux-populist progressive Senator from Massachusetts, as much as she can, Clinton is aiming to hold Trump back. Almost like an immovable object, the Democratic political juggernaut is using every bit of the dynasty she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have built to keep control of the political conversation. Their dynasty is not enough though.

Hillary’s entitled fans (and probably the candidate herself) petulantly insist that it’s her “turn” to be president, her destiny. However, the world has entered a new phase, one Democrats and liberals abroad clearly didn’t anticipate. Whatever his flaws, many feel that Donald Trump’s time has come.

Source: Breitbart

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