Trump Calls For Hillary’s Body Guards To Be DISARMED…Tim Kaine’s INSANE Response Drops Jaws!!

The Clinton’s are getting even more desperate. They’ve just sent out Hillary’s vice presidential pick, Sen. Tim Kaine, to denounce Trump — and of course, he’s being forced to twist Trump’s words in order to do so.

It’s very simple: Clinton and the Democrats want gun control. In fact, they fantasize about repealing the Second Amendment. So Trump mused aloud at a rally that if that’s how they felt about firearms, maybe the Democratic candidate’s Secret Service detail shouldn’t carry side arms.

Even that so-called “gaffe” didn’t generate the kind of outrage the left was hoping for, but that didn’t stop Team Hillary from trotting it out in a last ditch effort on Fox News Sunday:

When asked if the comments are an incitement to violence against Hillary Clinton, Kaine said, “I do. I mean, use the other example, you put it in the context of other things, He has said if Hillary gets elected we may need Second Amendment people to take care of this. What did that mean when he said that just three weeks ago? And when you look at a series of these comments that he is making I do believe it is an incitement or at a minimum an expression to indifference as to whether violence would occur. This is a pattern that has been repeated over and over again and I think it doesn’t belong in any race, much less a race to be president of this country.”

The trouble is, everyone with a room temperature IQ understood what Trump meant, even though the media carefully edited his comments to take them out of context. This is yet another failed attempt to play “gotcha” with Donald Trump. No one will even remember his remark this time next week, or if they do, will think to themselves, “You know, he has a point.”

Source: Breitbart

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