Trump CHEERED ‘Round The World! THESE Countries FOLLOW Anti-Establishment Trend

Defying the odds of the political elite, populations of two major countries voted against the deadly tide of globalism that means to be sweeping over the Western world – twice this year!

When the people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, they declared they would not allow their nation to be dominated by the bureaucracies of the Continent. They wanted the freedom to chart their own destiny, free from the burdens and corruption of Germany, Brussels and the rest of Europe.

With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the American people sent a message that they are rejecting the liberal, globalist agenda of Obama and Hillary Clinton, taking their freedoms back from established, career politicians.

Now, it looks like more nations are joining the populist movement.

From Reuters:

In 2017, voters in the Netherlands, France and Germany – and possibly in Italy and Britain, too – will vote in elections that could be colored by the triumphs of Trump and Brexit…

The lessons will not be lost on continental Europe’s populist parties, who hailed Trump’s victory on Wednesday as a body blow for the political mainstream.

“Politics will never be the same,” said Geert Wilders of the far-right Dutch Freedom Party. “What happened in America can happen in Europe and the Netherlands as well.”

French National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen was similarly ebullient. “Today the United States, tomorrow France,” Le Pen, the father of the party’s leader Marine Le Pen, tweeted.

Rich, powerful entities, including world leaders, media corporations and big business owners are threatened by this trend. Globalism protects their interests; it keeps the power over nations in the hands of a select few. Populism, on the other hand, gives the power to the people, who will put their families and nations first.

Even the writers at Reuters are threatened by this trend, calling Trump and Brexit “toxic politics.” Hmm, toxic, you say? You mean politics that protect a nation’s identity, preserve the interests of the citizens and assures that corrupt global villains don’t rule the world? Okay, that’s fine. Populism is still going to happen.

It remains to be seen if other European nations follow in America and Great Britain’s footsteps. If I had to predict: many more citizens will vote to take their countries back.

Source: Reuters

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