BRUTAL: Trump Crowd Greets Hillary With A ‘Special’ Message…Liberals Are Going INSANE!

America—and the entire world—just witnessed the peaceful transition of power and the inauguration of the Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

It is always a momentous occasion to see the living Presidents and their wives, alongside our Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices, as they appear before the nation to confirm and support the next leader of the free world.

This year, though, it was especially enjoyable for many conservatives and Trump supporters to see President Obama and the Clinton’s stand on the same platform as their chief rival, Trump, took the oath of office.

Of course, then you had the ever entertaining dynamic duo of Hillary and Bill taking a peek:

While we can only speculate what was going through former First Lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was thinking, we sure as heck knew what the audience was!

From CBS:

WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — Some Donald Trump supporters chanted “Lock her up” when Hillary Clinton was announced on the inauguration stage Friday.

Ouch. It’s nice to know the American people haven’t forgotten just why they voted for Donald Trump. Had things worked out differently, that woman would have taken the oath. Who knows what the next four years would look like?

For those doubting the chants, here’s some proof:

To give the Clinton’s credit, it takes a certain measure of poise and professionalism to attend the Inauguration of your deeply-hated rival. The election was intense and bitter; both sides fought feverishly to win over the American people. 69 Democrat representatives wimped out and failed to show up for the momentous occasion to represent their own people.

For Bill and Hillary to come to the Inauguration, put on a brave face, smile and shake hands with Republicans and the victors is the right thing to do. To be as rude and un-American as to not show up at the Inauguration, well only children would do that. Right?

Source: CBS

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