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BOOM! Trump Crushing It In Polls of Key Final States…Big Wins Coming!
By PJ Editor|April 24, 2016

Donald Trump was always expected to do well on Tuesday when Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Maryland.

However the polls are pointing to a MASSIVE win on Tuesday and possible coup de gras the following week when another important state goes to the polls.

Hot Air reports on the numbers…

The Pennsylvania numbers — Trump 49, Cruz 26, Kasich 22 — are eye-popping, but you should know the delegate rules there well enough by now to know there’s a catch. Namely, 54 of the 71 delegates are unbound regardless of what Republican voters do in the primary. In theory, Cruz could lose the popular vote by 25 points and still walk away with a majority of the state’s delegation in his pocket thanks to his delegate-wrangling operation.

Not that this is likely, numberous reports ndicate that Cruz has failed to organize properly in Pennsylvania and may get far fewer delegates.

Regardless, the momentum from winning a big, purple state as part of a five state sweep may be worth more than the delegates the following week when Indiana votes.

We’ve had three polls of Indiana in the past four days and the results line up — Trump by eight, Trump by six, now Trump by five. There’s little question that he’s actually ahead. The question is what happens this coming week when Mike Pence maybe hopefully possibly decides to issue an endorsement and big names like Scott Walker show up to barnstorm for Cruz.

Big wins on Tuesday will make Indiana that much harder for Cruz.

Source: Hot Air

PJ Editor
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