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DISASTER: Trump Delegates in 18 States Defecting To Cruz…Losing 95% In THIS State Alone
By PJ Editor|April 14, 2016

For months, surrogates of Ted Cruz have been organizing and preparing for the delegate selection process in each of 56 states and territories.

As a republic, each gets to select its own process for choosing those delegates and the rules can be maddeningly confusing and complex.

Donald Trump, a political neophyte, didn’t know this and mistakenly believed that the state by state preference polls were binding elections. Woops.

Part of this is the fault of the media which has done a woeful job educating the public about this process, but part of the blame falls to Mr Trump for failing to understand the process in which he was engaging.

All of that said, Yahoo News is reporting that as many as 49 of the 50 South Carolina delegates, although pledged to Trump on the first ballot as the result of the primary, will, in fact, be Ted Cruz supporters who will not only defect on a second ballot, but will also vote favorably to Cruz on rules and credentials.

There are also outstanding questions about whether Trump’s claim that he won’t support the eventual nominee means that those 49 delegates don’t need to support him at all. There is also a question regarding the now infamous rule 40 that may mean that unless a majority of the delegation signs a letter submitting Trump for nomination, they might also not have to vote for him as he will not be a accredited candidate.

Multiply these issues across 56 states and territories and you can see the test the Team Trump is facing.

Per Yahoo News…

However, South Carolina is not the only place Trump has failed to organize at the state level. He is facing delegate setbacks in Virginia, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Wyoming, Washington State, Missouri, and California.

Source: Yahoo News

PJ Editor
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