WHOA – Trump DESTROYED Hillary For Defending Child Rapist…New Audio Tape BURIES Her!

The political landscape in America is strewn with the carcasses of past Clinton scandals or the actual bodies of Clinton associates who had the misfortune of knowing too much and were “loose ends” to be tied up which is code speak for killing people that might present a threat down the road because of what they know.

The elites learned a long time ago it’s easier to make a witness disappear, pay them off or turn up dead after a supposed “suicide” than it is to answer questions about things they’d rather not dredge up! Especially about scandalous sexual affairs and felonious business dealings.

In this case,  we have an interview where a young, 27 year old Hillary Clinton  describes defending  a man accused of raping a 12 year old child, whom Hillary knew was guilty and laughing about ‘getting him off” of the charges back in 1975.

During last Sunday night’s presidential debate, Republican, Donald Trump referred to the case along with a few other Clinton embarrassments.

FOX News reports:

When Donald Trump invited several women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to Sunday night’s debate, he also highlighted a case that may have been unfamiliar to many voters — that of Kathy Shelton.

Unlike the claims of Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey — the other women hosted by Trump — Shelton’s accusations are not aimed at Bill Clinton. Rather, she alleges Hillary Clinton verbally attacked her while defending the man Shelton had accused of rape in 1975. 

Here is some of what Hillary Clinton said:

“I have been informed that the complainant is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing,” Clinton wrote in an affidavit. “I have also been informed that she has in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body. Also that she exhibits an unusual stubbornness and temper when she does not get her way.”

Hillary ultimately got the alleged rapist’s charge reduced to ‘unlawful fondling of a child’ and his sentence was set at one year in prison, with two months reduced for time served.

Hillary’s false narrative that she is an advocate for women and children got totally blown out of the water and now voters can see she is nothing but an advocate for herself and her own political aspirations.

We hope this message gets spread far and wide so we don’t have to put up with any more of her corrupt, egotistical and self serving political maneuverings!

Source: FOX News

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