Trump Dishes Out Hilarious Joke, Sends CNN Hurtling Into Epic Meltdown

The liberal media has not been known to take a joke.

This is because the media consists of snobby, elitist leftists who have no grasp of normal human interaction. Most people are willing to joke around with each other, but media figures are used to being praised and pampered wherever they go.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has been known to dish out jokes like there is no tomorrow.

This is due to the fact that he is the exact opposite of a snobby elitist. Although he does have a tremendous amount of wealth, he has always been a brash, eccentric New Yorker on the inside.

Every time the president takes a humorous jab at the media, whether during a speech or on Twitter, everyone in the media seems to melt down.

Trump’s most recent media-related tweet, which involves him body-slamming someone with the CNN logo over their head, was no exception.

From The Daily Caller:

Journalists reacted in horror Sunday morning after President Trump tweeted a fake video that showed him body-slamming “fraud news” CNN in a fake wrestling match.

While many of the president’s supporters online reacted to the video with humor, the consensus among journalists seemed to be that Trump was inciting violence against the media.

Look, I understand why some might be a little hesitant to laud the president for tweeting this video. It certainly is a bit out of the box, and I can see why some might feel uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, there is no reason for people to say that someone is going to get killed because of this video. It is a harmless jab at the mainstream media, and the media has done far worse than jab at our president in the first place.

Americans need to learn two things.

First, we need to learn how to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

The president is not some regal sovereign who is forbidden from mingling with the people. The president is an elected representative of the people, and thus he should be of the people. Donald Trump is most definitely of his people.

Second, we need to understand the background of this feud between Trump and the media.

This did not come out of nowhere. For years, before Trump even ran for president, the media spread lies about conservatives and the Republican Party. Being himself – and the president – Trump has decided that he will use his position to fight back.

Now, the choice is in our hands. Do we join the president, or do we let the media status quo continue?

Source: The Daily Caller

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