AWESOME: Trump DOMINATES Tech Meeting…Yields THRILLING Results For Every Hard Working American!

Donald Trump’s presidency hasn’t officially begun, but one thing that has already set it apart from all the others is the non-stop meetings Trump is convening in his eponymous New York City tower.

The Trump Tower webcam has provided Americans with a truly unique glimpse into the president elect’s ongoing hiring and consulting process, as he prepares to move into the Oval Office.

One of the most highly anticipated confabs just took place:

President-elect Donald Trump’s mega technology summit in New York on Wednesday hosted leaders of companies that have a combined market value of more than $3 trillion.

That’s more than the GDP of many countries, including, the United Kingdom, France and India. (…)

Trump met with most of America’s biggest tech companies in an effort to look for common ground after an exceptionally heated and contentious election. The group was expected to discuss U.S. job creation, and how tech firms can work with the government to improve efficiency.

The presence of Apple, Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants led many to wish they could be a fly on that particular boardroom wall.

During the election, these social media titans were highly critical of Trump, and were accused of slanting news and social media coverage to favor Hillary Clinton.

Did Trump bawl them out? Did these executives leave with their negative image of Trump confirmed, or did he win them over?

According to the New York Times, Trump (with outlier Silicon Valley supporter Peter Thiel at his side) began by praising the assembled tech giants:

Even after the press was ushered out, the meeting continued its genial way. Among the topics discussed, according to several corporate executives and a transition official briefed on the meeting, who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, were vocational education and the need for more of it, the promise and peril of trade with China and immigration (Mr. Trump wants “smart and talented people here”). The president-elect also asked the executives to see if they could not apply data analysis technology to detect and help get rid of government waste.

Whatever else happened, the fact is that these companies are essential to America’s economy. It is in everyone’s best interest that all these players get along as well as possible, despite disagreements.


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