WHOA: Donald Trump Drops A BOMBSHELL! Democrats Are The “Party of…

Conservatives have been trying to make this point for years, but generations of liberal media (and teachers and history books) have made it almost impossible: The Republicans were the party of freedom during the Civil War. (You’d think that Abe Lincoln being a Republican would have made that obvious, but no.)

Then after the Civil War, it was Democrats in the South who enforced racist segregation laws. Again, this gets glossed over in popular culture. It’s taken someone with a platform as large as Donald Trump’s to break through the propaganda.

Steven Crowder writes:

[Donald Trump] “Remember, and many people don’t know this: the Republican Party is the Party of Abraham Lincoln, not bad! It is also the party of freedom, equality and opportunity.

It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow, the and party of [oppression].”

Donald Trump just took the campaign to a whole new level, pointing out how the Democrat Party was pro-slavery and pro-Jim Crow. Kind of throws a wrench into the entire idea that Democrats are “pro-civil rights” doesn’t? Maybe that was the point.

Yes, he went there.

Democrats have tried to re-write even recent history, claiming they’re super touchy-feely on the civil rights issues. When in reality, no. In fact not even today are the Democrats the party of “civil rights”. (…) I know leftists like to change how one defines reality (see the entire transgender movement), but reality cannot be changed just because your party’s past is bleak and oppressive.

So again, kudos to Trump here. If I could offer him advice, I’d suggest he keep hitting this point when he’s taking a break from hitting Hillary. Focus on the message, focus on taking down the Democrats while raising the Republican message.

Crowder has never been a fan of Donald Trump, but he doesn’t want to see another Clinton in the White House either. He’s interested in the truth, and if Trump is the one telling it, Crowder is big enough to give credit where it is due.

Credit: Lowder With Crowder

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