Trump Drops PHENOMENAL Bombshell On The Troops…He Just RUINED Obama’s Vacation!

During his election campaign, Donald Trump made it clear that he cared about all Americans, while adding that the men and women in uniform have a special place in his heart.

This was obvious when he made sure that the military was front and center during his inauguration festivities.

However, Trump has done more than just utter the occasionally patriotic cliche. He has promised to clean up the disgraceful mess at the Veterans’ Administration, for example.

In smaller ways, he has also demonstrated his respect for America’s military.

For example, he recently had lunch at a Florida military base, eager to talk one on one with America’s finest:


Trump kept the conversation light, asking service members what they thought of the Super Bowl and cracking jokes, but many of his supporters were likely thrilled just to see the commander-in-chief sitting down with the troops.

At one point, Trump asked a service member if he planned to “make a career” out of his military service.

“Still deciding right now, sir,” the solider responded.

“Come on, you have to stay. You’ll like it better with me there. You’ll see,” Trump responded.

Later in the day, the Commander in Chief spoke to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), where he received an enthusiastic reception.

During his address, he repeated his special promise to service members:

Trump has always promised to increase military spending while keeping American troops out of unnecessary overseas conflicts.

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In a recent speech, Trump upped his commitment to the troops. From the New York Times:

Mr. Trump promised to make “a historic financial investment in the armed forces,” in an effort to maintain peace in “our troubled, troubled times.” He also vowed to give the military the tools necessary to prevail against the Islamic State and thwart its attempts to strike America.

So far he is off to a great start. It’s great to see that the feelings Trump has for the military are mutual.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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