Report: Trump Signs Groundbreaking Executive Order – It Will Transform The Way Americans Live

The left has corralled the mainstream media in ignoring the many victories of the Trump administration. But we know better.

Since day one, Trump has been making the lives of American citizens better. He has rolled back terrible policies of the last administration. He has encouraged many companies to bring back jobs to the country. And that’s not counting his efforts to end Obamacare, abortion, and illegal immigration.

Now a new executive order will not only encourage innovative and create jobs, it might make your shopping life a little easier.

From Bloomberg:

Drone deliveries got a step closer to reality as the White House issued an order giving local governments more authority to conduct tests of the burgeoning new technology.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order designed to speed the approval of drone flights over crowds and for longer distances. The administration says it wants to open new commercial uses for the aircraft and create jobs.

“In order to maintain American leadership in this emerging industry here at home, our country needs a regulatory framework that encourages innovation while insuring airspace safety,” Michael Kratsios, a deputy assistant to the president at the Office of Science and Technology Policy, said in a briefing with reporters.

Trump’s order, a response to calls from companies making and using drones, will allow local governments to apply to the Federal Aviation Administration for waivers allowing them to conduct tests of deliveries, drone air-traffic systems, long-range flights and other uses generally prohibited under current rules, Kratsios said.

For years online commerce sites like Amazon have been promising drone delivery of certain packages. The system would mean virtually zero-wait times for many of your Prime orders, as a drone can zip off to your house within minutes.

Imagine ordering something from Amazon, only to get it within the hour! It’s a dream come true for many savvy online shoppers!

This new innovation has been hampered due to red tape and government stalling. There are real concerns to be sure, but without sound oversight and testing, we can never properly address those concerns. With this executive order, companies like Amazon and others can move ahead with their plans. They can roll out drone delivery in local communities, test it, and improve it. This will pave the way for it to be used everywhere.

Hey, as long as a drone doesn’t drop my package, I’m okay with it.

Source: Bloomberg

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