REVEALED: Trump Just EXPOSED 2 More Clinton SCANDALS…These May Be The Worst Yet!

The liberal media is in a bind: They do their best to ignore or downplay all the scandals involving Hillary Clinton. However, they can’t ignore a single word Donald Trump says, either.

Ingeniously, Trump uses this equation to his advantage. While many dogged critics have tried and failed to draw attention to of some of Hillary’s lesser known schemes, Trump finally gets them in the news.

The Conservative Tribune reports on a recent statement Trump issued, outlining more scandals:

“While Clinton attacks private business entities for creating jobs and powering the economy, it comes in stark contrast to Clinton’s long record peddling political influence for cash,” the statement read.

“Whether it is selling off American uranium mines to Russians to enrich a Clinton Foundation donor, placing a Clinton campaign fundraiser on a highly sensitive national security board with no previous experience, or funneling federal grants to failing businesses owned by friends of the family, the Clinton family has shown no shame in their greedy pursuit of lining their own pockets.” (…)

“In 2010 when the Russians wanted to up their stake in an uranium company called Uranium One To 51 percent, giving them a controlling stake, it set off ‘alarm bells’ in America.”

Trump proceeded to name names and make what could be yet another complex scandal easier to understand. He noted, for example, that the former Secretary of State gave one of her donors top secret security clearance so he could serve on a national security board— despite his lack of qualifications for such a position.

It’s important that, as weary as many Americans no doubt are of hearing about these matters, such information gets plenty of traction before the election.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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