Trump Prepares To ‘Flip This WHITE House’…You Won’t BELIEVE How They Pull It Off!

If you’re a fan of TV shows like “Flip This House” (and even if you aren’t) you won’t want to miss an absolutely fascinating behind the scenes look at one of the most important and intense exercises in moving anywhere on earth.

Every four or eight years, one family has to vacate the White House while another moves in, all within a strict timeframe that you simply won’t believe. While the rest of the world is watching the swearing in ceremony, a team is inside the White House, turning it upside down and then right side up again.

Remember every time you’ve ever had to move, and now imagine every logistical detail that has to be taken into account during these particularly demanding circumstances. It’s mind boggling.

USA Today has a report on this daunting task:

When Donald Trump walks into the White House for the first time as president on Jan. 20, his suits will be hanging in his closet, his personal photos will be displayed on perfectly placed tables, and his toothbrush will be near his favorite brand of toothpaste in his bathroom.

And nothing can be touched until the Obamas pull out of the White House driveway for the inauguration ceremony that same day.

“It’s more like less than five hours,” [Retired read admiral and former White House chief usher Stephen] Rochon said.

Rochon explains that even before the election, the chief usher compiles a book for the future president. Along with names and faces of the huge White House staff, it explains what can and cannot be changed by the new occupant, who then submits a list of requests about furniture and even bathroom fixtures.

By “action,” Rochon means an all-hands-on-deck execution of an intricately planned and timed move that would put HGTV flip shows to shame. All of the outgoing president’s family’s belongings must be carefully packed and moved out. All of the belongings of the incoming first family must be moved in and unpacked.

The rugs upon which Trump walks will be the ones his family has requested. The furniture upon which they sit will be the pieces they picked out — whether they are new or chosen from a warehouse of historic furniture used in the White House before.

Many people have joked that Donald Trump may renovate the White House to reflect his famously ornate personal tastes, maybe even going so far as to paint the exterior gold. But the fact is that if he does decide to install wallpaper and chandeliers that are more to his liking, it’s the staff’s job to accomplish it all while he is delivering his inaugural address.

Since Trump is a hotelier who demands that all his properties look their very best, this time around, these renovations will be under unprecedented scrutiny by the president himself. No one will want to hear those scary two words: “You’re fired!”

Source: USA Today

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