BOOM: Trump Just Made A GAME-CHANGING Move…Hillary’s Team Is PANICKING!

Even Donald’s allies were starting to worry as most polls showed Hillary cementing a significant lead.  But after the latest activity by The Donald, he sure isn’t the one who should be worried.

That’s right, Hillary, we’re talking about you and your entourage. Be very afraid.

Trump moves some significant players around in his campaign staff.  Americans are seeing the immediate effects of these changes—and he is getting unanimous praise even as the media hedges their bets.

The Hill reports:

Signs of change are emerging in Donald Trump’s campaign as he seeks to close the gap with Hillary Clinton in the polls.

Together, Bannon and Conway will replace former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who resigned on Friday.

Many are concerned that such an abrupt change from the steady hand of Manafort to new recruits could introduce more volatility.  But the immediate results seem to say otherwise.

Conway is as fierce a defender of Trump as former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was, but she has a softer touch that could help Trump make up his deficit in support among women.

The shift in tone from the speech was all the more surprising because it came after Trump brought on former Breitbart News executive Steve Bannon to act as his campaign’s CEO.

Under Bannon’s watch, Breitbart became known for its confrontational coverage, leaving some to speculate Trump was preparing to embrace scorched earth tactics.

Instead, Bannon’s first few days on the team are being hailed as a triumph, although a lot of the early credit is being directed towards new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

Manafort himself stated in his resignation that he had no plans to lead Trump’s campaign, especially through election day, and instead had been searching for the dream team that would take Trump to victory.  While some see this as a dollar short and a day late, the initial results are surprising. And exactly what his critics have been hoping to see.

The Republican nominee has been giving more scripted speeches and spending less time at rallies, where his off-the-cuff style often resulted in controversy. 

He has been tweeting less, doing fewer interviews and spending more time on retail campaigning, this week visiting local police departments and meeting with flood victims in Louisiana.

And after getting swamped by tens of millions of dollars in ad spending from Clinton and her allies, the Trump campaign purchased its first television ad buys this week, placing $4 million in spots that began airing in key battleground states on Friday.

Paired with Trump’s apology and his trip to the Louisiana flood victims, some are expecting to see a big change in the polling data. Americans will know in just a few more days.

Source: The Hill

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