Trump Gets Last Laugh On Famous Hater…You’re Going To LOVE This!

Sometimes actors get so caught up in their roles, they stay in character when the camera stops rolling or the curtain comes down.

Having played a tough guy for so many years, maybe it’s understandable that one famous performer, in particular, confused his onscreen persona with reality.

Robert DeNiro has made a career out of playing mobsters and other violent types. When he said during the presidential election that he wanted to punch Donald Trump in the face, and called the candidate “a pig, a punk and a con artist,” it was almost as if DeNiro had slipped into one of his famous “wise guy” parts.

However, now Trump is headed for the White House, and the story has taken a turn:

Karma has a way of dealing with unforgivable lowlifes, and DeNiro just got his much-deserved dose of it. After 73-year-old DeNiro mused that if Trump got elected, he could always go to Italy where he keeps a villa in the town where his grandparents lived, the town in southern Italy offered the actor a means of escape. (…)

However, things soon took a turn, and the offer probably isn’t one that DeNiro will be eagerly jumping for anytime soon.

On December 4th, poor Bobby DeNiro’s Italian countrymen, inspired by Donald Trump, carrying pro-Trump signs, and taking to the streets all over Italy, voted in a referendum on the far leftist loons in power, and they soundly kicked their liberal asses to the curb. Their liberal establishment Prime Minister Renzi is resigning.

Poor Robert DeNiro: He’s gone from the screen’s most famous living tough guy to a man without a safe space to flee to!

If there is any bad news to Donald Trump’s victory, it’s that it looks like the rest of America will be stuck with DeNiro for a while longer.

You can watch DeNiro’s whole stupid attack below…

Source: Mad World News

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