Trump Gets MASSIVE Show Of Support in PA…No One Expected THIS! [PICS]

It’s sounds like a discarded idea for a Saturday Night Live sketch, but there really was an Amish rally for Donald Trump when he passed through Pennsylvania recently.

The Amish aren’t usually considered very political or worldly, so their decision to come out and support any candidate would be noteworthy. But why Trump? The Amish were, not surprisingly, quite low key, but presumably they oppose the Democrat’s unbridled social license as much as they approve of Trump’s work ethic.

Conservative Tribune reports:

When Donald Trump came to the swing state of Pennsylvania, he also stopped by Lancaster County, best known to those outside the region as “Amish country.” The Amish decided to take a break from working the fields and decided to work at making America great again. (…)

As you might imagine, Amish country is not one of the most heavily populated areas of the nation. Yet, the event still managed to draw better in rural Lancaster County than Hillary Clinton drew in Iowa’s largest city, and by a rather substantial amount. (Hillary only managed to draw 600 to a “major” rally in Des Moines.)

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Maybe these Amish voters will be able to turn Pennsylvania red for Donald Trump in November, which would pretty much make Hillary Clinton’s road to victory pretty much impossible.

Photos show Amish men sprinkled among Trump’s other supporters. Some are even wearing “Trump/Pence” buttons and carrying signs. It’s just another noteworthy moment in a campaign that’s provided many amazing sights.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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