Trump Goes BALLISTIC: Here Is What Has Donald SO ANGRY…Pulling No Punches!

No one will accuse Donald Trump of being passive in the face of resistance.

He certainly pulled no punches at today’s press conference to announce donations for veterans groups that he raised earlier in the year.

But the presser ended up being much less about vets and more about the media…specifically the way the media has covered the donations. Trump appeared personally offended by the charge that he was slow in getting the money to the vets or wasn’t forthcoming.

Reuters has the explosive details…

At a combative news conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan, the billionaire accused the media of failing to give him credit for raising the funds at an event in January in Iowa.

Trump said the money was benefiting 41 groups. He was withering in his criticism.

“The press should be ashamed of themselves,” Trump told reporters gathered before him. “You make me look very bad. I’ve never received such bad publicity for doing a good job.”

He called an ABC News reporter at the event, Tom Llamas, “sleazy” and said Jim Acosta of CNN was “a real beauty.”

Trump owes much of his rise to billions in free media attention he has received. While the media hates the way he treats them, he draws eyeballs so there is little chance that his ongoing feud with the press will cost him any airtime.

Source: Reuters

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