Donald Trump Goes To WAR With Obama…FIGHTS To Save America From…

President Obama has a long to-do list to get through before he leaves the White House.

He wants to squeeze in plenty of laws and treaties that will entrench the globalist game plan.

One of his pet projects has been trying to hand over control of the Internet to the United Nations (perhaps as part of his obvious bid to become the next Secretary General of the UN.)

Obviously, such a move would erode the free speech rights of hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens, most of whom have no idea that such a plan even exists. Luckily, they will find out now, because Donald Trump has spoken out against it, as Breitbart reports:

Stephen Miller, Donald Trump’s chief policy adviser, said in a Wednesday statement:

Donald J. Trump is committed to preserving Internet freedom for the American people and citizens all over the world. The U.S. should not turn control of the Internet over to the United Nations and the international community. President Obama intends to do so on his own authority – just 10 days from now, on October 1st, unless Congress acts quickly to stop him. The Republicans in Congress are admirably leading a fight to save the Internet this week, and need all the help the American people can give them to be successful. Hillary Clinton’s Democrats are refusing to protect the American people by not protecting the Internet.

The U.S. created, developed and expanded the Internet across the globe. U.S. oversight has kept the Internet free and open without government censorship – a fundamental American value rooted in our Constitution’s Free Speech clause. Internet freedom is now at risk with the President’s intent to cede control to international interests, including countries like China and Russia, which have a long track record of trying to impose online censorship. Congress needs to act, or Internet freedom will be lost for good, since there will be no way to make it great again once it is lost.

Trump’s clear denunciation will help his popularity with libertarians, who so far have been reluctant to support him rather than their doomed “official” candidate, Gary Johnson. More importantly, it will raise awareness about this pending disaster, and hopefully mobilize Americans to push the GOP in the right direction.

Source: Breitbart

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