BRUTAL: Trump’s 4 Word Response To FBI Verdict Is PERFECT…Liberals Go NUTS!

How many people’s first reaction to hearing the FBI’s insane announcement about Hillary Clinton yesterday was to see what Donald Trump had to say about it on Twitter?

Trump was indeed one of the first to react and his comments quickly went viral. As Michelle Jesse reports:

Today, Trump had four words that echo the sentiments of many upon hearing Director Comey’s statement: “The system is rigged.”

While we might all not always agree with Trump, in this case he’s absolutely right. (…)

How are we to understand FBI Director Comey’s assessment that — although 110 emails on her private server contained classified info and “hostile actors” possibly gained access to our nation’s sensitive information — Secretary Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” doesn’t rise to the level of “gross negligence”?

Reading the federal law against “gross negligence” regarding the handling of “any document … relating to the national defense,” it beggars belief that Hillary Clinton’s actions don’t merit charges.

Some have called Hillary Clinton’s crimes in this case worse than Watergate. In addition to the obvious national security risks involved, remember that each of these emails are literally federal government property, and she and her lawyers destroyed (or tried to) a number of them.

Yesterday’s shocking events may have an upside, however. For many Americans, it will solidify their loyalty to Donald Trump, and perhaps even attract new supporters.

Source: Allen West

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