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PANIC: Trump In Far More Trouble Than Most Realize…HERE Is Why
By PJ Editor|April 19, 2016

There is increasing concern within the Trump camp, and increasing glee among his detractors, that disorder and failure to build a national organization will cost him the Republican nomination.

Just this week Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed his growing confidence that the convention would go to a second ballot where Trump would be defeated.

Fueling this narrative are a number of stories trickling out from the Trump camp and around the country. Trump’s national field director resigned suddenly yesterday and new hires continue to roil a staff that is leaking like a siv.

Moreover, the news from state after state is that of a campaign that is non-existent or unprepared to compete for the delegates that they desperately need, even weeks after bringing on a group of insiders to staunch the bleeding.

The Washington Post has the latest…

Weeks after his campaign vowed to turn things around in the hunt for delegates, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is still struggling to ensure that supporters will be there to vote for him at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

In recent days, supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) earned delegate slots in Wyoming, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia. They’re also packing party meetings in Nebraska and Washington state, where Republicans are beginning to pick delegates before primaries next month.

This appear to not only be a failure to plan, but a fundamental organizational failure

The Trump campaign has failed to return several phone calls offering to give the campaign access to Republican voter data, (RNC Committeeman J.L.) Spray said.

“If I were them, I would have called me back,” he said, adding that Trump “had a campaign with earned media and has no grass roots. He’s AstroTurf, and it’s hard to grow grass roots all of a sudden.”

Every day that passes with Trump failing to win delegates and organize the states, the greater his reliance on a first ballot victory in Cleveland, a strategy that requires him to win 2/3rds of the remaining available delegates.

Source: Washington Post


PJ Editor
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