Trump Just Got A YUGE Boost From This MAJOR Empire State Endorser…Read His Powerful Praise

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump enjoys overwhelming support in his home state of New York.

Recently, he was given an award by New York Veteran Police Associate president, Lou Telano.

During the event, Telano gave his full-hearted support of the GOP candidate for President, as reported in Breitbart…

Telano said Trump “represents the American way” and praised him on bringing the topic of illegal immigration to the forefront of the election.

The NYVPA endorsed Trump in July of 2015. The GOP holds its New York primaries on Tuesday, April 19.

Following Telano’s endorsement, Trump explained to the press why his team was absent in Wyoming.  Once again, he cited conditions he consider “rigged.” Ted Cruz won all 14 delegates from Wyoming.

All polls indicate Donald Trump will win the vast majority of the 95 delegates from New York.

Source: Breitbart

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