Trump Just Ordered One STUNNING White House Change…Obama Would NEVER Do This!

Almost on a daily basis we are learning about the difference between President Trump and his predecessor.

It’s not just about politics. Obviously Trump has different views than Obama.

But again and again we are seeing a level of concern by our new president that was lacking in the last administration.

It was clear that President Obama was more concerned with the prestige the office gave him. He routinely neglected the responsibilities of being president. He prioritized liberal politics and his ego over the well-being of the United States.

Perhaps that’s why he passed such damaging legislation. Or why he frequently held lavish parties at the White House, rather than focus on real issues.

But in one simple way we are seeing the difference between Trump and Obama. And it has everything to do with respecting our police.

From Daily Wire:

On Monday, President Trump signed a proclamation announcing that he will honor police officers today in recognition of “Peace Officers Memorial Day” by lighting the White House blue. Trump’s symbolic act of solidarity with police stands in contrast to President Obama’s handling of a request by a law enforcement advocacy group to light the White House blue following the murder of five police officers in Dallas in July 2016…

The White House is lit in blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day in Washington, DC, April 2, 2017.

“Police officers are the thin blue line whose sacrifices protect and serve us every day, and we pledge to support them as they risk their lives to safeguard ours,” said the president…

FLASHBACK: In July 2016, following the murder of five police officers in Dallas by an anti-cop black nationalist who was “upset about Black Lives Matter,” then-President Barack Obama ignored a request by a police advocacy group to “demonstrate his full respect for their ultimate sacrifice by illuminating the White House in blue,” a response that resulted in widespread backlash among police advocates…

Though Obama had chosen to light the White House for other occasions, including the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling nullifying state laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman and Breast Cancer Awareness week, Obama would not symbolically stand with law enforcement in the midst of the wave of attacks on officers and in the wake of the horrific Dallas massacre.

When asked why President Obama refused, his press secretary was dismissive and rude.

It’s clear, like many democrats, that Obama hated law and order. This is a long-standing custom, going back to most liberals’ early days in the 1960’s. They considered themselves rebels back them, hating “the man.” Today they continue this disgraceful attitude, despite the fact that police daily keep them safe.

Obama most likely disrespected police in order to pander to groups like Black Lives Matter. Many radical race activists hate cops and blame them for their problems. The president no doubt shared much of their toxic views.

But today we have a president that is intelligent enough to understand the importance of our police officers. During this special week, he is honoring them by lighting up the White House and writing this proclamation.

Let’s hope the rest of the country follows his example.

Source: Daily Wire

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