Trump Just Proved He Is The Greatest Dealmaker…China Loses, America WINS!

President Trump doesn’t take guff from anybody.

His recent bold choices when dealing with foreign entities has shown the world that strength is back in the White House.

Our $300 billion trade deficit with China was a topic Trump often spoke about during the presidential campaign. Our last feckless president made very little progress in improving our dominance on the world stage, and China was poised to become the largest world super power.

President Trump has long recognized this, and since being elected he’s been putting the heat on China to start living up to some of its agreements. Since his summit with Jinping, China has been responding in a big league way.

From The Daily Wire:

President Trump met last weekend with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He’s been talking tough about China’s abusive trade policy, and reports say he put the screws to Xi.

The result? China plans to offer the Trump administration better market access for financial sector investments. What’s more, China will also open up access to U.S. beef exports in order to avert a trade war, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

China has been making other major decisions in the wake of Trump’s meeting with Jinping.

Regarding North Korea, Trump’s recent missile strike on Syria before Jinping’s visit showed China’s president that if they aren’t willing to deal with North Korea, we are.

So when North Korea brought a fleet of cargo ships filled with coal to China recently, China ordered the boats to turn back, finally enforcing sanctions against the country for their recent missile tests.

World leaders finally sense that they’re dealing with a savvy businessman who makes great deals for a living. For so long we had inexperienced people in office that had no clue what they were doing. Now all we do is win!

Source: The Daily Wire

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