Trump Just Saved HUNDREDS Of Ford Jobs…TERRIFIED Auto Union Issues STUNNING Response!

One of president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to increase the number of available jobs for Americans by giving big companies incentives to keep their manufacturing facilities here in America instead of moving them to places like Mexico where they have a lot of laborers willing to work for much lower wages.

One of those companies allegedly planning the move to Mexico was Ford Motor Co. which has apparently changed their minds as a result of a tweet from the newly elected president.

From Bloomberg:

United Auto Workers leaders huddled with Ford Motor Co. executives today after the union was caught off guard by President-elect Donald Trump’s tweet last night [that] he helped prevent another Ford model from going to Mexico.

While the union is pleased Ford has now committed to continue building the Lincoln MKC small sport utility vehicle at a Kentucky factory, Trump’s tweets had suggested that the entire Louisville Assembly Plant’s output was under threat of moving to Mexico.

The MKC is built on the same assembly line as the Ford Escape, which outsells the Lincoln version by 12-to-1. More than 5,000 employees are working nearly around the clock on three crews to meet demand for the two SUVs, said Todd Dunn, president of UAW Local 862 in Louisville.

While Ford Motor Co. spokesmen downplayed Trump’s part in their decision to keep the plant in Kentucky, local UAW President, Todd Dunn had a different perspective:

 “I’ll let each individual reach their own conclusions, but the true answer should be clear to anyone,” Dunn said in an interview. 

Then Dunn added:

“What is important is the transparency between Ford Motor Co. and the UAW. We’re doing a good job and that wasn’t decided in an overnight tweet.”

Of course it wasn’t decided by a tweet from president-elect Trump. It was decided when he won the election because of his campaign promises to stop them from relocating to other countries by threatening to levy tariffs on their products, manufactured off shore, and which are being imported back to the US.

Hopefully, Trump will also be able to make good on his promise to persuade companies, that have moved off shore, to relocate back to America.

Source: Bloomberg

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