BOOM: Donald Trump Just Ended The #NeverTrumpers…In 1 EPIC Move!

Despite the fact that the vast majority of voting Republicans selected Trump as their nominee, despite the fact that Trump was hailed as the candidate at the GOP Convention, there are still so-called conservatives opposing the businessman.

You’d think with an election with stakes so high, with a downright criminal running against him, every Republican in the country would rally behind Trump as our last chance to save America. Hillary Clinton’s policies would bankrupt us, morally, economically, industrially, and in security.

Yet they still openly criticize their own candidate.

It’s safe to assume they are doing it for political and selfish reasons. They are motivated by bitterness, plain and simple. They don’t like an outsider running for President and rather sabotage his campaign, paving the way for a Clinton to be back in the White House, than for conservative values putting things right.

These kinds of “conservatives” should be ashamed.

From Yes I’m Right:

This time it’s 50 former national security advisors from Republican administrators. Fox News reported that they, “have signed a letter opposing party presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling him an unqualified choice who would put the nation at risk.”

“None of us will vote for Donald Trump,” the officials wrote. “Most fundamentally, Mr. Trump lacks the character, values, and experience to be President.”

The co-signers include security and foreign policy officials who served in Republicans administrations dating back to the Richard Nixon administration. It also includes officials who served more recently, under George W. Bush, like ex-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

As you can see these are all outdated, old, and bitter men. Established political cronies whining that their time in the sun is through. And Trump knows this too.

As he said:

“The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place.

They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions.

These insiders – along with Hillary Clinton – are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allow Americans to die in Benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of ISIS.

Yet despite these failures, they think they are entitled to use their favor trading to land taxpayer-funded government contracts and speaking fees. It’s time we put our foot down and declare that their gravy train is over: no longer will Crooked Hillary Clinton and the other disasters in Washington get rich at our expense.

The reason Trump’s so popular is that he challenges the corrupt political system that has stagnated our nation for years. Elitists on both sides are threatened and are trying to destroy him. Yet they don’t decide the fate of our nation: we do.

So does the American people want more of the same? Should we vote to keep elite politicians in power, or take a stand and elect a man who will restore our country?

The choice is ours.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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