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WHOA – Trump Just Took A MASSIVE Lead…In A BLUE STATE No One Expected!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 19, 2016

Yet again, Donald Trump is taking the Democrats’ breath away with recent poll numbers.

In the last week, the billionaire businessman has taken the lead, or tightened the race, in several key states thought at one time to be easy wins for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

And now, another poll shows he’s tearing up the ballot boxes in another state. Which one?

As Breitbart noted: “Republican nominee for president … Trump opened up a five point lead with New Mexico and its five electoral votes, according to the 141 likely voters in the Reuters/Ipsos poll released Saturday.”

Trump now stands with 43 percent of the voter love, compared to 38 percent for Clinton.

Reuters has responded to the survey results by shifting the state into Trump column.

The poll is particularly interesting because just a couple weeks ago, the Morning Consult survey of the state found Trump in a virtual tie with Clinton, at 35 percent to her 36 percent.

The survey’s also significant because as Breitbart noted: “In 2012, President Barack Obama won New Mexico with 53 percent of hte vote. Republican candidate W. Mitt Romney garnered 43 percent of the vote … Obama also won the state in 2008.”

Voters picked President George W. Bush in 2004, and Al Gore in 2000.

The survey comes as Clinton’s been losing steam in several other states, including Nevada, Colorado and Florida, in recent weeks. Adding to Democrats’ panic is that these states, and others where Clinton is now struggling, were thought to be fairly easy wins for the party. Due to Clinton’s ongoing health issues and questions about her email server scandal and donations to her family’s Clinton Foundation, her trustworthiness with the public has taken a dive, and that falling grace is being reflected in the polls.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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