VETS Rejoice! Trump Keeps MASSIVE Promise As VA Announces Game-Changing Reform!

One of President Trump’s most important and potential life changing promises during the campaign season was that he would address and reform the broken VA system.

The system is so broken, inefficient, and dysfunctional that it is often more of a hindrance to veteran health care than a help.

When the latest scandal broke involving wait times at the VA and staffers efforts to cover up the problems, President Trump sounded a clarion call…we owe our vets the best and they will start getting it!

That appears to be exactly what is happening, as TLR reports on the news from The Blaze and the AP…

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting that the Office of Veterans Affairs has announced it is now allowing veterans with minor injuries and illnesses to seek aid at CVS minute clinics in an effort to cut down on wait times.

The program, which is only a test run, is limited to the Phoenix, Arizona area to start, said the report. But VA Secretary David Shulkin hopes to expand this program nationwide in order to reduce wait times for veterans seeking care.

CVS is the largest pharmacy retailer in the United States, and plans to help assist the VA with veteran care by sharing medical records electronically, and providing patient summaries for the VA should the patient need additional services, reports the Blaze.

“We believe in the MinuteClinic model of care and are excited to offer our health care services as one potential solution for the Phoenix VA Health Care System and its patients,” said Tobias Barker, chief medical officer of CVS MinuteClinic, according to the Blaze.

Why is this such a huge deal? There are three reasons.

One, the private sector functions to serve customers with the highest quality for the lowest price. Public institutions operate under no such constraints. This is why they tend to be wasteful and inefficient.Therefore, privatizing simple medical functions will significantly reduce costs.

Two, outsourcing these procedures frees up significant resources for the VA. That means that those needing more immediate or long-term care enjoy shorter waits and greater access. While fewer patients and shorter waits means more resources can go to those that truly need it.

Three, President Trump has shown that he is keeping his biggest promises to the most deserving among us.

Just as our vets do everyday, this announcement reminds us why we are so proud to be Americans.

Source: The Libertarian Republic

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