Trump Keeps “STUNNING” Liberals…Heads To THIS Expert For Domestic Policy

It’s not just that leftists think Donald Trump is a racist. It’s that they want him to be.

But what will they do when real evidence proves this opinion wrong?

Probably what they always do: double up on the name-calling and invent new “facts” to stay angry and bitter.

For example, they will write this next news story off as evidence of “tokenism” and call the man at the center of it an Uncle Tom:

Now that Trump is our next President, he needs a serious transition team. That’s why for domestic policy appointments, he has former Cincinnati Mayor Ken Blackwell leading the effort! Blackwell, who was the first statewide officeholder elected in Ohio, is a social and fiscal conservative. He’s a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, on the board of the National Rifle Association, and is involved with the Club for Growth.

Trump’s first move on domestic policy is to find the most conservative political insider with an impressive resume he could find. And he found him.

Blackwell’s credentials are very impressive. He likely has far more accomplishments to his name than those who will be insulting him on the internet for the foreseeable future, the same way they do Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice.

Meanwhile, though, Trump and his team will be too busy making America great again to notice.

Credit: The Political Insider

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