Brutal: Trump Just Dropped A KILLER Bombshell On North Korea…And China Too!

Every year, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un delivers a New Year’s address. If you didn’t know that before, it’s probably because President Obama has ignored it, so it didn’t make much news.

Donald Trump is no Barack Obama, however. Instead of following diplomatic protocol and “expert” advice to avoid riling up the North Korean tyrant, Trump “talked back” to Kim Jong Un on his favorite medium: Twitter.

Kim Jong Un boasted that his nation’s intercontinental ballistic missile program was near completion. Trump countered:

As reports:

It was unclear if Trump meant he would stop North Korea or he was simply doubting the country’s capabilities. His aides did not immediately respond to questions seeking clarification.

Trump then berated North Korea’s most important ally, tweeting:

Of course, the same “experts” who predicted that Hillary Clinton would be elected president, and that a Trump victory would, among other things, cause the stock market to plunge, made disapproving noises about Trump’s tweets, as they always do.

But how has Obama’s policy of ignoring the situation in North Korea made America any safer, or even helped the millions of people there who are literally starving to death?

It is possible that Trump’s lack of “diplomacy” will in fact reveal North Korea to be a paper tiger that can’t back up its belligerent boasts. This situation is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s call for the Soviet Union to “tear down” the Berlin Wall. At the time, all the “experts” said Reagan was risking World War III by giving that speech. We now know that it gave hope to those suffering under Soviet rule, and helped bring about the end of the Cold War.

Source: Political Wire

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