Donald Trump LAUNCHES Broadside Against State Department – ‘He Must Resign…NOW!’

While the treasure trove of damning dirt known as WikiLeaks continues to get attention (at least from conservative media outlets and Donald Trump himself), the FBI’s recent “document dump” also includes many juicy revelations about Democratic sleaziness in high places.

One particular document has the Trump campaign calling “foul” and demanding the resignation of Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy.

Trump’s senior spokesman Jason Miller’s statement reads in part:

“The news that top Clinton aide Patrick Kennedy tried to engage in a blatant quid pro quo for changing the classification level of several of Clinton’s emails shows a cavalier attitude towards protecting our nation’s secrets. Kennedy must resign from the State Department immediately and Clinton must state he has no place in her administration if she is elected President,” he said.

Breitbart picks up the story:

Kennedy offered the International Operations Division a deal, according to the [newly released FBI] interview notes. In exchange for declassifying the email, Kennedy would lift restrictions preventing the FBI from sending agents to countries where the State Department forbade the FBI. (…)

When the retired IOD official reached Kennedy, the undersecretary had a request about classification–this time, he wanted IOD to classify an email dealing with the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks on American personnel and facilities at Benghazi, Libya.

Miller went on to demand that if Hillary Clinton is elected, career Foreign Service Officer Kennedy would have to vow never to return to government service. Of course, the chances of any high level Democrat making or keeping such a promise, or resigning over wrongdoing, is unlikely.

Source: Breitbart

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