Trump Lays Into BOTH Protesters AND Supporters…Tells Them THIS…

Did any one of the millions who tuned in to 60 Minutes walk away completely frustrated, like I did? Leslie Stahl’s questions to president-elect Donald Trump could have been worse, but they also could have been much better.

That said, Trump’s answers could have been better, too.

Not surprisingly, Stahl asked Trump about the violent demonstrations against him in major American cities. She also asked him about the smaller scale hate crimes taking place, in which gloating Trump supporters are said to be picking on minorities.

Trump expressed surprise that such incidents were occurring. Then, he looked into the camera and told everyone watching: “Stop it.”

There were two things wrong with this well-meaning gesture.

First, Trump was clearly taken off guard by this question and ideally, should have countered that many of these hate crimes have already been revealed to have been hoaxes.

Secondly, if Trump thinks his firm response will satisfy his critics on the left, he is sadly mistaken, as more protests are planned for this week. Anyway, we know how seriously liberals are taking Trump as a leader.

As his own right-hand woman Kelly Ann Conway has been saying, it is in fact “up to Clinton [and] Obama to calm Trump protesters.” Their operatives are the ones behind these “grassroots” riots, after all.

Credit: Twitchy

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