Trump Makes The Ultimate Demand…What He Said Has Cops Around America CHEERING!

For better or worse, Richard Nixon swept into the White House in 1968 on a “law and order” platform. American cities were on fire, as riots broke out over political assassinations, and then outside the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Violent crime was high. Terrorism and hijackings were on the rise.

Will adopting a similar platform help get Donald Trump elected almost 50 years later? As the GOP convention gets underway in Cleveland on the heels of the murder of three more police officers, looks at the presidential nominee’s increasing focus on this very issue:

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump reacted to the news that three police officers were killed in a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday, suggesting the killing of law enforcement is due to the “lack of leadership in our country.”

“We grieve for the officers killed in Baton Rouge today. How many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country? We demand law and order,” Trump posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Trump has consistently been on the right side fighting for our men in uniform, both our police officers and our brave military men and women.  Hillary however, proves time and time again she has no clue how to protect America.  Donald has a way of seeing issues clearly and communicating them in a way we can all understand.  His recent tweet is spot on:

Intentionally or not, that last phrase echoes one made famous during those chaotic Chicago riots, which were broadcast live into millions of homes. Back then, it was the far left radicals who were chanting “The whole world’s watching” as they faced off against police.

Now, however, it is Trump, the anti-establishment millionaire. The last surviving hippies must be wondering how it all happened.

Credit: Breitbart

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