Trump Is Getting Massive Cheers In Ultra Liberal State

President Donald Trump is unlike any leader we’ve had for a long time.

Not only is a smart and strong negotiator. Not only is he putting Americans first. But he is popular among all kinds of Americans.

The media wants you to think America hates him (even though we voted for him). But even in this liberal state, the crowds were cheering.

From Daily Wire:

Trump dropped into the Women’s U.S. Open in New Jersey. And they treated him like a rock star. In New Jersey!

On Friday, just back from a whirlwind trip to Paris, Trump swung by the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster to catch the LPGA’s premiere event. He popped into a glass-enclosed viewing area near the 15th hole where he could watch the action live.

People mobbed the area. They snapped photos, waved (many hoisting “Make America Great Again” hats), cheered — so much so that marshals on the course had to quiet them down so as not to disturb the golfers…

“As he exited, a man yelled, ‘that’s my president!’ Another exclaimed, ‘thank you!’ A crowd of several dozen people gathered on the balcony of the golf club’s clubhouse and waved as POTUS departed.”

It didn’t end there. The POTUS hung out in a glass viewing area for a few minutes as fans cheered and waved. Later people lined up to greet him, even tried to snap a few selfies.

The cheering was so loud and clamorous it continued to disrupt the game!

The crowds waved, cheered, chanted, some even cried. It’s a striking contrast to the bogus polls cooked up by liberal elitists. They hate Trump and everything he stands for, so of course they will release dishonest polls about his approval rating.

Yet even in New Jersey, a largely liberal state, Americans went out of their way to show support and fandom.

But I’m sure CNN and ABC were nowhere to be found.

Source: Daily Wire

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